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Open Positions Use this forum to post your interests to recruit any team member for your project, ranging from web designers to 3D artists.

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Post Experienced people needed.

Hello fellow-visual3D enthusiasts,

Together with a few other persons, we formed our own little studio called: 'Enlightened Bunch Entertainment'.

Our first (real) project will be an MMO set in the industrial age. To do that, we obviously need some more help.

I'm aware that you've probably heard this before: New team asks for help in every single category.

So, we'll be very honest; at the moment, we have nothing to show in-game. Only loads of diagrams for the gamedesign.

For now, what we need most, are programmers. Since the Visual3D MMO-network code needs to be reimplemented,

we can do with programmers to implement several game elements such as: player skills, crafting,..

Network code will be handled later, but of course, we will now implement everything carefully to reduce future network traffic to a minimum.

Further more, people with an expertise in a different area are more than welcome as well. In a nutshell:

* Programmer - Player skills, Guild managment, networking.
* 2D-artists - Icons, concept art, textures.
* 3D-artists - Mainly for weapons, armor and buildings.
* Sound designer - Slashes, bashes and crashes.
* Composer - Medieval/fantasy music fitting an mmo.
* Leveldesigner - Must be quite experienced with the Visual3D world editor.

Since we are a starting company, we cannot pay you for the efforts. Not as of now, that is.

Once the game will be bringing in some money, then we will be able to reward you for your deeds.

Main features:

Completely dynamic forests, trees grow and forests expand, players can cut them down.

Settlements/villages/towns/castles it is all up to the players/guilds to build this.

Set in the medieval/industrial era, weapons, buildings and armor is made to fit the era in between the medieval and industrial times.

No levels! Players effectiveness is driven by an wide range of skills.

No one is superman and massacres the game world! Skills don't alter damage and HP that much, players are quite equal, so the difference lies in the players hand, not the amount of HP or armor he/she has.

Dynamic weather system, day-night cycle.

Realistic wildlife.

Different kinds of clans for different purposes, eg. clans that specialize in bounty hunting and clans that build big castles and towns.

Not a lot of monsters in-game, the main purpose is PvP, BUT there are hidden, mythic creatures in deep jungles and in the mountains.

Villages/cities etc are 100% built by the players, no presets, and the cities can be controlled with laws and NPC guards can be hired to guard the settlement and uphold the rules.

A advanced economic system where in/deflation exists.

Feel free to reply on this post, send us a pm or a email to if you're interested.

A new topic will be made in a different section on this forums providing more details about the game.

Once our website is finished, a link will be posted as well.

The Enlightened Bunch Entertainment team.

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If anyone has replied to our email, I apologize, the email adress was missing a letter and has therefore not worked, please if you did send a email, send it again.
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Just a suggestion for you here. I think that if you want to generate a big "buzz" and a lot of support for your project (which will result in a lot more volunteers) that you should prototype a small, playable subset of your game with what people and resources you're able to get now. Just showing people something works wonders! I'm not saying you aren't serious or won't succeed, but doing that is always a great way to get people "hyped up" and ready for some action. It shows them that you ARE serious and have a chance. I know what it's like trying to ask for help when you either A) have nothing to show yet or B) (maybe worse) your project is highly secretive/clandestine and you CAN'T show what you have. :P

Just my two cents, and I wish you the best of luck!

Originally Posted by Bjarne Stroustrup
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As keinmann said, you should have something to show up. I'm too working on 2 MMOs which I will base on Visual3D and also with lots of things similar to your features. However I woudln't even try to recruit someone till i have something playable. See im creating more like frames to which I'd like others to put pictures in. I use lots of placeholders and free stuff which i pull out of internet pipe, but i keep going forward and do stuff i know i can do and thats C#, also learning new stuff every day . You should do the same or find someone who can put baseline of actual game together. Also one question what do you mean by "medieval/industrial" is that kind of a "steampunk" style?
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