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Download Visual3D Game Engine

Download Visual3D Game Engine

Download your free copy today of the redistributable SDK installer includes the Visual3D All-in-One Development Tool for real-time building and editing of next-gen 3D games, MMOs, simulations and online virtual worlds, built on Microsoft XNA with visual authoring and accelerated .NET development (with C#, IronPython, VB, C++), along with our demo games and a library of free media, entity and scripting assets to get you started!  

Account Activation Emails Fixed

The issue encountered by a few users recently with not receiving an email with link to activate new accounts or reset passwords has now been resolved.  
Password reset emails have been resent for recently created accounts which encountered this issue, and others can reset their password here if needed.
We appologize for the inconvenience.

Visual3D Training Event in China

 Realmware and the Visual3D development team are hosting a Visual3D Training Workshop sequence in Sanya, Hainan, China for a select few customers and partners. We apologize for the lack of public announcements recently on the website, as we have been busy preparing for this recently. 
However, we expect to have much to share soon as we this Visual3D Training Workshop sequence next week, in time for the Chinese New Year, including many new updates and additions to written and/or video tutorials, documentation and information about Visual3D on the website.

New "Building Isles of War Game in 18 minutes" Tutorial Video

We published a new 18 minute video tutorial to the top of the new Mission / Scenario Building and Editing user manual. This tutorial cover recreating the Isles of War demo game from scratch from start to finish, focusing on the use of the Visual3D All-in-One Development Tool for no coding setup, though it also goes into detail about how to create your own C# scripts and use Edit-and-Continue with Visual Studio for scripting your own games and simulations.

Fixed Account Creation & Forum Access Issues

We have recently fixed issues with some of the new accounts and some created over the past few months being unable to login to the forums or getting duplicate account error messages.  If you have experienced these issues or issues with activating a trial, please try logging in again, and feel free to post on our forums.  If you are still experiencing issues, please let us know at so that we can assist with them.

Updated Download Location for Installer

We had recently moved the installer download location to be hosted directly on the website, now that its running on our new server.
If you have experienced any issues with downloading the installer recently (or running the installer, which downloads prerequisites), then please try downloading again from the new link on the Visual3D Download page.

Activation Back Online for Licenses & Trials

We just finished fixing online activation of licenses and trials, so please try activating your installation of Visual3D Game Engine again, by starting up the toolset, and entering your user name and password again, if prompted.

If you are still unable to startup the toolset, please let us know via email to,so we can ensure everything is working fine for your account. However, this should be resolved now.

Website & License/Trial Activation Maintenance

Visual3D Game Engine website was just switched to a new server, so if you had recently experienced any website issues, these should be resolved now or very soon. 

If you experience any issues with activating your trial or license for the Visual3D Game Engine, please try again the next day, and if still encounter any issues, please let us know in an email to so that we can ensure you are setup promptly.

New Videos and Tutorials: World Building, Gameplay, and Entity/Avatar Creation

We have just published the first revision of the new Hooking Up Gameplay in Scenes tutorial, which is part of the sequence of tutorials we are writing to show how to create - from start to finish - a game like the new, open-source Isles of War demo game included in the most recent release of the Visual3D Game Engine.  

New Training Simulation Demo with DAZ/Poser Characters and Voice Acting in Indoor Environment

We are also excited to announce that we are preparing a version of our Training Simulation serious game application to be included with the next major release of Visual3D.  This demo application will showcase Visual3D's support for interior/indoor environments (with collision/navigation support), conversations with DAZ/Poser characters with voice acting ( lip syncing/facial animation and morph targets), and speech recognition for conversation responses / voice commands.